Friday, January 04, 2013

So Far So Good

So this week started out with seven scheduled appointments, but we ended up with NINE doctor visits.   But (a) we survived it and (b) we both got some good news!

Chris' mole was benign (YEAY!) and the doctor said they did get all of it.  Also, his stitches are out.  

The kidney folks think the infection is not at the site of his catheter, but maybe a hair follicle under the skin or something like that.   He's on a fourth round of oral antibiotics starting today.

Kim's long-term blood sugar [A1C] was down to 6.5 (it was 7.0 in July and 6.7 in October), so that's great!  Kim was worried that it would be much higher because she has admittedly been indulging in some after-Christmas discounted holiday candy.  (Can't resist a bargain!)  Also, her blood pressure was so low that the doctor scheduled a 1-month follow-up to determine whether her blood pressure meds should be reduced or withdrawn altogether.

Next week will be much more mild, with just the counseling appointments for us both on Monday and then Chris has physical therapy/rehab on Wednesday & Friday... and maybe a visit to DaVita to show them the infection near his exit site.  A relaxing week!  :)