Sunday, August 10, 2008


We had an appointment with Dr. Mallea on Thursday. It was a good meeting, but there was some concern about Chris' hydration levels. He has been instructed to drink more and then have some follow-up bloodwork done this coming week.

We're both still adjusting to this new life. Chris is on the go every single day... fishing, swimming, taking water aerobics classes. If someone would have told me in February that in six months Chris would be exercising at the Y sometimes TWICE in one day -- or that he'd be waking before dawn to go to fishing and be back in bed before my alarm rang -- I would have shook my head in disbelief. I would have to ask "Do you know him?"

I felt very overloaded this week. We had a big weekend event at work coming up and I have so many things going on... my brain went on vacation without me. That happens. Rarely. It happens to me when I'm on overload. I did laundry on Thursday night specifically so I could wear my red shirt to work. While putting the washed clothes into the dryer, I didn't see my red shirt. It was on the bed. *growl* At least doing another load of laundry isn't such a terrible consequence. It does, however, make me ever-so-thankful that the intersection was clear when I ran that red light during one of these mental disconnects.

Chris & I decided to take his picture every month on the 10th to show his progress on a consistent basis. I leave you now with his 10-day post op picture and today's.

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