Saturday, October 25, 2008

October Progress

Chris worked very hard this month and he has lost even more weight! Actually, this photo was taken on the 10th, so he's half-way to another photo.

At the beginning of October, he hit the 250 mark and he was treated to an hour-long massage. Got rid of lots of toxins!

Bloodwork is still being checked every month. He's watching fluids (getting enough to maintain hydration) and off medications. Monday or Tuesday will bring a blood pressure check to make sure he doesn't need to return to any of his medications.

We'll be back with another photo next month! :)


red said...

WHOO HOO! Way to go, man!! But, you know, with the baggy shirt and baggy shorts, hard to see the goods... Maybe some form fitting clothes for Nov?? :)

jenalih said...

Way to go Chris! I'm very proud of you.