Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Clothes (and Pizza!)

Chris doesn't eat much in the way of carbs anymore, but there were some he just couldn't resist. There's a terrific pizza place nearby that has something called "Your Day". When it's Your Day, you get to come in and make your own pizza with any toppings you want... and it's free. Chris took me when it was My Day and on March 4th, it was His Day. I tried to get the turkey hat on My Day, but it was already taken. Chris got lucky and wore the turkey hat, as you can see. From what you know about Chris, it should be no surprise that his pizza was full of meat, cheese, and meat. He even skipped the mushrooms so this would be an all-animal pizza. Good grief.

Frank was his assistant in the pizza-making venture... and he introduced Chris to their oven (called Dante) and all the other pizza equipment. Even the vat of flour had a name. Frank was hilarious and very well-cast.

Then for his monthly (eight months!) post-op picture, here he is! He's all decked out in new button-down shirt and slacks that fit nicely. He got a 2nd shirt today, too. Thanks to Mom, who sent the gift card! He spent only about half of it today and I'm sure he'll find more nice clothes there soon.

We've got our meeting with the kidneyfolk on Thursday the 12th along with bloodwork and then a follow-up with the doctors on the 17th. It's a busy 2 weeks coming up!

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