Friday, January 20, 2012

More Tests & Shots

This week's appointment required Chris to come in right at the time he would normally drain out his dialysis fluid.   Nurse Jennifer did his drain, instead, and they sent the fluid out for testing.   They took blood, too, for the test.   We're hoping Chris can go on the nighttime machine.

Another test they took blood for is the Thyroid test.  Luckily, Chris remembered that that the nutritionist wanted that.

He got iron and EPO shots.   He also got his least favorite thing:  urine collection jugs.   He hates those!   At the next appointment, on Feb 1, they're going to have Chris bring a full day of urine and a full day of drained abdomen fluid.   They'll test both (probably along with more blood) and see how he's doing.

We're also scheduled to get a supply delivery on the 24th.

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