Thursday, October 11, 2012

Still Adjusting Meds

Today was Chris' big monthly appointment at DaVita.  They drew blood last week, and the results are in.   Chris' phosphorus went way up to 9.7.   He cut out most of his Kool-Aid consumption, so we don't know what's causing the spike in his phosphorus.   They had him stop taking both the Lipitor and the Sensipar in hopes that this number will go down.

Of all the things Chris has going on, phosphorus didn't really seem like that big of a deal... until we found out more.  The excess of phosphorus in the blood causes calcium to leech out of bones and, if there's a long-term imbalance, causes this calcium to be deposited in blood vessels and the heart.  It makes vessels stiff and inflexible, and raises the risk of heart attack.

So it turns out that it is something to watch.   I updated his pills this afternoon and he has a follow-up appointment Thursday the 15th.

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bellywelly said...

Dear Chris and your lovely wife,
Pity you don't live in a country with what the Republicans term socialised medicine. Australia has not got a perfect system, but you would not be going through what you are today. We do have a choice somewhat. Our employers do not organise our health cover for one, we need to do that our selves, however if you want to go to a doctor you have the choice of going somewhere that bulk bills, which is the covered by Medicare. Also every year at tax time depending on your wage you pay a medi care levy, as I make under 36,000 a year a I don't have to pay this, also as a single Mum I also get a Health Care Card which entitles me to cheaper medications ect. As for the government benefits, you would easily get a disability pension, also you wife would probably be able to claim a carers pension. Don't get me wrong it is not a lot of money, but will just keep you afloat. This money will be paid until you join the work force. The government also pays big money to services which get people with disabilities back into the work force. So you can do further education courses etc paid for by the government. How the others in your country can feel that less government is good has got me scratching my head. The impact of privatisation on this like health, food safety, environment, education the list is long and varied, becomes businesses running things they shouldn't. I truly hope that Obama gets in and I wish you and your wife all the best in the future.
Cairns Australia