Thursday, May 08, 2008


It's been a couple of days since we learned about Chris' surgery. We've mapped out all the upcoming appointments and made a few additional plans to prepare. We've made lists of all sorts of things. One is a list of consumables that Chris would like to enjoy 'one last time'. These include a root beer float, Bottle Caps candy, and of course the venison roast that is in our freezer thanks to my friend, Judi.

If all goes well, Chris' recovery time should be greatly reduced from the "stomach stapling" surgeries of the past. He will be having a Roux-en-Y procedure done laparoscopically. He will only have a few little incisions in his abdomen for the camera and tools to be inserted -- no big open abdominal incision to worry about getting infected or healing. Of course, his internal organs are cut, sewn, and rearranged... so it's still a major surgery.

We're excited, scared, nervous, and happy all at the same time.

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Jann said...

Kimmie dear....
I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers so much...:o) I am glad he is strong enough to have this done. I know that you will take great care of him...please do the same for yourself.
Let me know how it goes...and if I can possibly of any help.
Love you sistah from another mumma...:o)