Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Chris' surgery was moved to June 30th. The approval form from the insurance company stated July 1 specifically as the approved date of service, so we're leaving messages & trying to contact them to get that corrected.

We're movin' on down the list of foods. Chris has had his Bottle Caps, root beer float, French dip and has taken a stab at the meatball sub. He didn't like the Cobby's meatball sub (the bread wasn't toasted and that wreaked all kinds of havoc), so that's back on the list. I made strawberry Kolacy for him and dad, too. We do need to get that venison roast cooked one of these days. We may need to rework the list... can't seem to find it.

Couldn't resist adding a picture of Dusty I took this morning. This ramen soup box is sitting just a few inches from his very nice cat hut, but he chooses the box. He's a box-and-bag kind of cat. He loves them.


Katrina said...

Only a cat can look like he owns the world while sitting in a Top Ramen box.

Good luck with your surgery Chris.

<3, Kat/Seri

melody said...

Leave it up to Drs. and the Goverment to get things all haywire. Hope you get it straightened out. Think of us when you finally have the roast. I can almost taste it now! Keep me posted. love Mom & Bill