Sunday, July 27, 2008


Its been a rough couple days for me, I'm having trouble eating and drinking enough, so that is not good. Its hard to force yourself to eat when you just are not hungry. I see other RNY patients talking about head hunger but that is one problem I am not having.

My dizzy spells are getting worse, getting out of the hot tub at the YMCA on Saturday (After a nice refreshing swim), I was reaching for my towel on a chair, which suddenly became six towels on six chairs. Next thing I know I was half laying- half sitting on the pavement trying to look casual about it. None of the crack Y lifeguard staff even noticed the fat guy pass out and fall over, I'm glad I didn't pitch into the deep end of the pool. I sat there for awhile and slowly made my way to the locker room before heading home.

I've also been pretty sick to my stomach all week long, and I finally got fed up with it and called the surgeon to make sure nothing serious was going on. Sadly, Dr Oakley is out of town, so I had to wait for some on call guy to call me back. He gave me a prescription for nausea but I was pretty out of it when I picked it up (not feeling well) and when I got home, only then did I discover it was a suppository, which Kim found hilarious. I haven't used it yet, but its mere presence in the house seems to have helped cure me.

On the plus side, Kim found me some apple juice that is low in sugar, but its still sweetened with Splenda, its actually pretty good and its a nice change from the other crap I've been drinking. I dunno why they need to sweeten it at all, its freakin apple juice, even the stuff from the local co-op that was "all natural no sugar added" had tons more sugar in it. Bob was also kind enough to get me a pretty nice I-pod knock off, which I've already begun ripping songs to from my CD collection, The first day I used it I was able to go ten more minutes than I normally do on the stationary bike, on that was on level 2 even. Its always nice to listen to music you actually like while working out instead of that crap the health club pipes in.

Hopefully I can make my Cardiologist listen to me, or at least his nurse and get my blood pressure meds changed or adjusted in the near future, this standing up and almost falling over 8 times a day is getting on my nerves and freaking me out a little.

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