Thursday, November 03, 2011

Clean Teeth, Low Iron, and High Creatinine

We got the results of the bacteria test.  He had a little, but none of the very dangerous ones.   He went in for his teeth cleaning today.   It was a very in-depth cleaning.   We purchased the recommended Waterpik Platinum Dental Water Jet so he can floss with a jet of water to keep his mouth squeaky clean.  He's going to practice with the jet for a few days with plain water before adding some special CloSYS Antiseptic Oral Rinse to the mix.   This will be another blow to the bacteria!

He took his typical pre-visit antibiotic and then the doctor gave him a follow-up antibiotic so he started that this afternoon.   He'll take those three times per day for about a week.

Good news:  The dentist signed the transplant "OK" form, and we'll fax that in the morning.  We think this is the last hurdle before getting scheduled for a visit to Utah to meet with the transplant team.

Chris had bloodwork re-done on Monday and he heard from Dr. Mallea's office today with the results.   Last week's test said his creatinine clearance was 6.9.   This week it was only down to 6.7, which is still very high.   Ashley said that she's going to have the surgeon Dr. Giles get in touch with us to schedule a consultation for the surgery to install the catheter to allow for the peritoneal dialysis.

St. Luke's hospital called today about Iron infusions for Chris.   He will have three sessions that last 3-5 hours each.   His dates are 11/18, 11/28, and 12/5.

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