Friday, November 18, 2011

Iron & New Surgery Date

Chris had his first iron infusion today to treat anemia due to his chronic renal failure.   It lasted about 3 hours, and then they wanted to keep him another 30 minutes to make sure he was OK.   Chris said there's a long list of weird side-effects, like puking blood that looks like coffee grounds(!) for us to keep watch for.

Luckily, the gal at the infusion place was able to read his tuberculosis test, so that saved us one trip today.

In other news, we got a confirmation e-mail about his cathether placement surgery yesterday.   It stated Wednesday the 8th of December.   Well, the 8th is a Thursday (because my fortieth birthday is Friday the 9th, I knew this off the top of my head) so I e-mailed the scheduler for clarification.   The surgery is now scheduled for Thursday the 8th.

That reminds me, I need to call nephrologist Dr. Mallea and let him know that Chris' surgery has been scheduled.   We'll need his help to order the machine & supplies for dialysis, as well as to schedule someone to come over and help us learn how to use everything.

Thanksgiving week is not free of appointments.   Chris has an accupuncture appointment on Monday.  We purchased a Groupon for this.  My friend M.A. says that her husband with kidney failure has had positive results with acupuncture treatments, so we'll see if Chris receives some benefits, too.

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