Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Monthly Clinic Meetings

We had the monthly clinic meetings at DaVita this afternoon.

Met with the social worker very briefly.  Then we sat down with Jennifer.  She went over the labs results from blood taken last time. 
  • Albumin 4.1   (protein stores are good)
  • Potassium 3.7  (potassium is down, this is very good)
  • Calcium  8.4   (good)
  • Phosphorus 4.2  (down from 7.5 & 5.0, this is great!)
  • PTH 786  (was 829 & 776 -- not down enough.  Need meds.)
  • Hemoglobin 13.1  (up from 8.7 & 11.9, he has made some blood)
  • HGB A1c 5.8   (very good blood sugar control)
  • KT/V 2.47   (Adequacy of Dialysis is good... meaning his dialysis is working and his blood is being cleaned well
Dr. Mallea made some changes to Chris' medications.  Sensipar will need to be taken with the big meal of the day, to help keep the PTH (Parathyroid hormone) levels down.  Chris will also be dialing down the Prednisone and moving it to morning.  And Uloric is moving to every other day.

Due to the new morning/night pill scheduling, I re-did Chris' pills in a new container to accommodate mornings & nights.  I added his Gastric Bypass vitamins to both, so he won't have to remember to take them separately.  Hopefully this will increase his vitamin intake and absorption.

Dr. Mallea asked Jennifer to follow up with Dr. Undesser's office to get a copy of the echo and then to forward it to the folks at the University of Utah transplant team.

We'll be back at DaVita for regular weekly labs on March 1st, and then the big monthly clinic appointment on March 15th.

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