Wednesday, March 07, 2012

No Cycler Today

We were planning a lengthy training appointment at DaVita today.   Chris was scheduled to get his nighttime dialysis cycler machine.   Unfortunately, Jennifer is sick today and DaVita called to cancel our appointment.

The folks at U of Utah are supposed to be discussing Chris' case with a heart specialist.  We're supposed to find out Friday if:
  • they can go ahead with the kidney transplant
  • the heart valve needs to be repaired or replaced before the kidney transplant
  • the heart people need to see Chris in SLC again before they can decide
His next appointment with DaVita is scheduled for Thursday the 15th.   I don't think he has enough supplies to do his dialysis the regular way until then, so I'll have to go pick some up.  We'll have to let them know when we reschedule to cycler training.

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