Monday, July 09, 2012

Hot, Hot, Hot!

It's super-hot here today -- a record-breaking 108 degrees!   I'm so glad Chris was able to drive himself to cardiac rehab.   Today they finally changed up his exercise regimen, so he's happy about that.   His last visit to rehab (Thursday) didn't result in any exercise because his blood pressure was too low.  I picked him up early and we went to DaVita to see Jen.

Tomorrow, he's expecting his Baxter dialysis supply delivery between 7 and 10 in the morning.   He's actually hooked up to dialysis now, which is on the early side, so he can be disconnected and ready for the delivery person early.   We're hoping he gets everything he needs.   We're worried because his order wasn't submitted until Friday.   It's also for a whole different scheme of dialysis with daytime fills/drains, so hopefully he & Jennifer calculated everything properly.

Also tomorrow Chris starts collecting fluid.   When we go to DaVita on Wednesday, he'll bring his output for testing again and see if this week's new dialysis schema is an improvement over the last one.

In other news, Chris' incision site from the open-heart surgery has healed to the point where we can start putting Mederma scar-reduction gel on it.   Hopefully he'll see some improvement over time.

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