Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Phosphorus Again & Dental Issues

Chris' phosphorus was up last time we saw Jen, so she recommended doubling up on the Renvala to 2 with each meal.  Chris thought maybe his increased intake of Kool-Aid was causing the problem and Jen agreed.   Chris is laying off the Kool-Aid for now, and we'll see when his next tests come back whether that was the culprit.   If not, 2 Renvalas per meal it is.

Chris had a big dental check-up and X-rays last week.  Several cavities.  These all must be fixed so he can stay on the transplant list.   His first appointment for fillings is today, and he has his antibiotic to take beforehand.

We're both suffering from dry-mouth.  I think this is due to medications we take.   I purchased Biotene rinse, spray, gel, and toothpaste.   These are supposed to help with dry-mouth.  We didn't realize this, but the dentist told us that dry-mouth is a big factor in cavities!   This may help explain why Chris has several... he has only had ONE up to this point in his whole life.

He's keeping up with cardiac rehab and doing very well.   He does this Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  Next kidney appointment is next week.

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