Monday, August 27, 2012

Another Busy Week

Chris had Cardiac Rehab today.   He wasn't 100% sure he would go, because his foot was bothering him.  He did eventually decide to go, and he said his energy was OK but the foot was still painful.

Tomorrow, Chris has Cardiac Rehab again and then a pre-operative consultation with Dr. Giles for his upcoming operation to re-position his dialysis catheter.

Thursday is Cardiac Rehab once again.  He has an appointment on Friday with his cardiologist to review the results of the echocardiogram he had done at St. Luke's in June to evaluate his new valve.

Today, I called Dr. George Lyons' office to schedule an appointment.   He's the neurologist that Chris has been referred to for evaluation of his tremor.   They haven't gotten the paperwork from the kidney folks yet, so I'll check back with them next week.

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