Thursday, August 23, 2012

Another Surgery

Chris has been attending his cardiac rehabilitation sessions (with 2 exceptions this week because he's not been getting enough sleep) and he had 2 cavities filled on one of his teeth on Tuesday.

He hasn't been sleeping well because his dialysis machine keeps making these very loud alarm noises in the night.   It's not draining the fluid from his abdomen properly.  He has tried sleeping in different positions & stuff, but nothing he's done has helped.

Yesterday, he went in for a CT scan and later to DaVita for the big monthly meeting.   They didn't have the CT results at that afternoon meeting, but they did say that his phosphorus is back down to a good level -- which means that his significant reduction of Kool-Aid intake worked.   We met a new doctor, Dr. Pintar, and he examined Chris with his PA (also named Chris).

For some reason, they didn't get his PTH (Parathyroid hormone) levels when they took his blood last time, so Jennifer drew some blood to get that tested.

This morning Chris said Jennifer called with the results of the CT scan.  His tube is out of position, so he's going to have to have a minor outpatient surgery to move it to its proper place.  He won't have to spend the night at the hospital or anything.  Dr. Giles (who originally placed the cath) will be performing the surgery, and his office is supposed to be calling us today to schedule.

Chris is also expecting to hear from a neurologist soon.   He has had a tremor his whole life, and he wants to get it identified.   This way it can be treated, or perhaps we could find out if it's part of something else.

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