Thursday, June 12, 2008

About the size of a dose of Nyquil

Go to your medicine cabinet, find a bottle of nyquil, see that cap for measuring the dosage? That will be the new size of my meals for a long time.

So yesterday was the meeting with the Nutritionist, who turned out to be very nice and tolerable. (Some of my previous health care providers have had the bedside manner of a concentration camp doctor, and I swear one guy flipped me off.)

So this is what I discovered some of my limitations will be after the surgery:

  • No carbonated drinks, ever again.
  • No alcohol for a minimum of one year, and after that, I'll be a "Cheap Date"
  • No red meat for at least 6 months.
  • No straws, no gulping, no guzzling.
  • No drinking liquids while eating solids at the same time.
  • I'll have to drink about 48oz of water a day, but since my stomach can only hold about an ounce at a time, I'll have to be sipping every 10 minutes (For the first few months)

Immediately following the surgery, I'll be on a straight liquid protein diet for the first two weeks. after that I'll be able to add foods like applesauce, cottage cheese, pudding and bananas. So I can imagine the first six weeks I'm gonna be a real joy to hang out with, especially if someone tries to eat a hamburger or something in front of me. I'm looking into the law to see if assault would be justified in those cases :)

I've mainly finished my list of final foods, we had the venison roast the other night crock pot style and it was delicious, all I really have left is lasagna, which I plan on making next week. This Saturday is we are having a cookout (burgers, hotdogs and Kim's most excellent potato salad.) I have to call a few people and see if they can make it, but most of my friends are already coming. I have an odd sense of humor, so I'd like the theme to be "Funeral for Fat Ross" but Kim is not crazy about that idea.

And now, for your moment of zen...

4 comments: said...

Hey Chris
I haven't heard from you in awhile so your mom gave me your blog address.
Well, it won't be long now !
You stay focused on the reason for this surgery and be positive and you'll do fine. Being positive is the most important.Have trust in your Drs. and follow after surgery orders and you'll feel so much better. I have confidence you'll do well and before you know it you'll look into the mirror and see a new Chris ! Uncle Jeffs' wife had the by-pass and it wasn't long and she had dropped over 100 lbs. before you knew it.Uncle Leo and I love you and please have Kim let us know everything went ok.
Good Luck and we are thinking of you !
Aunt Deb&Uncle Leo said...

Hi Chris and Kim
We are thinking of you and wanted to send our love !
Be brave, and have confidence in your Dr.'s.
Love ya
Aunt Deb

foltyfamily said...

Hi Chris
I heard from your mom that everything went ok. That's great !
She also said you may have went home today.
The scariest part is done, now the hard part. Stay positive and focused on how much better you'll feel and the things you'll get to do again, it will help.
Aunt Deb

foltyfamily said...

Hey Idaho !
Hoping all is well.
I haven't heard anything so I'm assuming your ok.?
Aunt Deb