Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One Last Appointment, One Last Steak

Chris had his pre-op with Dr. Oakley today. Well, it started with Dr. Oakley... then to the surgical coordinator then across the street to get the pre-admittance 20-questions game and then an EKG. All in all, pretty uneventful. So glad I printed out two pill lists!!

The colon thing discussed on the last post turned out to be nothing. Chris won't have to use it at all, because it had warnings if you are on a low-sodium diet (CHECK), had kidney disease (CHECK), or had Congestive Heart Failure (CHECK).

He is to discontinue his aspirin therapy and Vitamin E (who knew it was a blood thinner?) until after his surgery.

We need to be at the hospital at 6:15 on Monday morning. Surgery starts at 7:30 and shouldn't be more than a couple of hours long. 1 hour in recovery and then off to his regular room on the 6th floor, we think.

Sunday he's not to eat any solid foods -- which means Saturday night he'll have the guys over and order (I suspect) Chicago Connection pizza. We'll also put together his travel bag Sunday and then hope he gets some good rest on Sunday night.

Speaking of last foods... Chris made awesome rib-eye steaks on Sunday for my dad's early birthday party, but he decided to have one more crack at beef tonight. We dined for the first time at The Stagecoach in Garden City. A review I read just an hour or so before said it has been open for nearly 50 years and tonight we learned why. Chris' filet was bacon-wrapped and magnificent. His shrimp were as big as his hands. {I grew up in South Florida eating seafood every chance I got... and I have never seen prawns that big.} Awesome. They have a spaghetti & meatballs special for $6.95 that even comes with a glass of red wine. I may have to try that with Dad one day.


Alex said...

WOW! There is a lot to know about the surgery. Just a thought, with the kidney concerns, I would question bananas as a food - especially one of the main rely on ones a couple weeks after surgery since they are such high potassium and that is a concern. Sometimes these nutritionists don't know/understand the dietary restraints of other issues than the one they are specifically talking to you about and have a hard time combining them.
I will be checking back in a couple days to hear how FABULOUSLY everything went!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us Hoosiers up to speed. Modern medical science -- despite its human failings -- does some wonderful things. We expect nothing but the best result for you both.

Gene & Lois