Monday, March 26, 2012

Heart's Looking Good, Considering

We had a standard appointment with Jennifer today, and then a follow-up with Dr. Mallea to go over the results from Salt Lake City.

He said that Chris' heart, aside from the aorta and the valve, looks really good.  Heart function is about 70%.  Nothing seems to be blocked or calcified.   He said that it looks great for a positive outcome.

Chris is still experiencing pain from the catheter site in his groin area, so Dr. Mallea took a look at it.  He was concerned about the possibility of a hematoma there, so he's prescribing an ultrasound for Wednesday.

Still waiting to hear from Dr. Gomez-Abraham about his surgery recommendations.   We'll call Heidi, the transplant coordinator, tomorrow because she doesn't work on Mondays.

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