Friday, March 09, 2012

More Heart Testing on the Horizon

Chris got his expected call from Heidi this morning, but it said that we'd have to wait until next week for a decision.   She got back to us this afternoon, earlier than expected, but not with a "yes" on the surgery.

Dr. Gomez-Abraham wants to see Chris in Salt Lake City before he makes a decision and wants to have three more sets of tests done:
Heidi has gotten in touch with the doctor's office to get these tests scheduled.  They're coming up fast...  March 19th and 20th.

Also Coming Up:  Monday afternoon we'll get trained on the nighttime dialysis cycler and take it home to start using it.  Thursday is Chris' big monthly dialysis appointment.


    Leo/Deb said...

    Been awhile since I checked in, just wondering how things are going for you. I see you have alot going on today and tomnorrow.Stay as strong as you can and on course.You will see the finish line, I have that feeling about you Chris <3 this is race you will finish! Love you mean it

    Leo/Deb said...

    Ok so I see you have hit a bump in your journey to get better :( When will they be bable to fix the heart issue ? Are the plans in the works ? This is just a bump (yes, it sounds like quite a bump but just that) not a closed road for you.Keep the faith and moving forward to the finish line...think of you often.