Thursday, April 26, 2012

DaVita & The List

Thursday Chris had his monthly DaVita appointment.  There were lots of topics discussed, mostly surrounding his upcoming surgery.  He did get some EPO and the doctor and new PA (also named Chris) checked out his gouty foot.

Jennifer and the PA allayed some of our fears about the hemodialysis.  Chris has been very worried about having the access site in his neck.  However, they told us that it would be a central line in his chest.  This is awesome for a lot of reasons, one of which is that they can also use this access site to give him medications and test his blood.  Yeay for fewer needle-sticks!

During one of the discussions with DaVita staff, Chris got an unexpected call from Heidi, the transplant coordinator at U of Utah.  She had presented Chris to the committee and he has been approved for the transplant.   This means that he's officially on the transplant list, and starts accruing time starting April 26th.   *happy dance*   He won't actually be able to have the transplant until he's 6 months out from his heart surgery, but it's awesome that his clock has started.

Heidi said that Dr. Gomez-Abraham is going to want to see Chris back in SLC for follow-ups about a month or so after the surgery and then again at about six months after.  Heidi wants us to let her know when we schedule the 6-month trip so Chris can have some time to meet with her.

We mentioned that Chris was scheduled for a teeth cleaning tomorrow, and Jen was concerned about the antibiotic that the dentist prescribed.  We called her after stopping at Walgreen's to pick it up.   She told Chris to take 4 pills about an hour before his appointment tomorrow.

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