Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We Have a Date

We spoke to Dr. G and we have a date for the surgery:  May 9th.   He has asked that we come to SLC on the 7th and have Chris available for testing on the 8th.

He also said that Chris' surgery will NOT include the aorta replacement.   The ascending aorta is not as dialated as he feared, so that procedure will not be necessary.   Once the valve is better, the ascending aorta will not continue to deteriorate.

Speaking of the valve, he is going to try to repair it with Chris' own tissue first.  If he doesn't have enough tissue to work with, or if the repair doesn't work as well as he would like, then he'll replace the valve with bovine tissue.

So two happy things:  a date to shoot for and a surgery with significantly reduced risk.   Yeay!

Lots more work to do before May for me... need to have the surgery and the travel pre-authorized for insurance purposes.   Already working with Dr. G's medical secretary for the information we need to file all that paperwork.

Also, nurse Jennifer called.   They want Chris to come in for an EPO shot on Wednesday afternoon, so we'll head to DaVita for that.

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