Thursday, April 19, 2012

Plans & Protein

Yesterday we got the thumbs-up from the insurance folks for travel.  They booked a hotel for us.  It wasn't our usual place, but we checked it out online and it seems just fine.  There's a fridge & microwave in the room, which is something our last hotel didn't have.  Plus they have airport and hospital shuttles.  Necessary things like free Wi-Fi (for me) and coffee maker (for Mom-In-Law) are also included.

Although we're supposed to be getting Whole Foods and Chick-Fil-A in our area within the next 6 months, I'm still looking forward to having some of my favorites while in SLC.  Hey, I know this isn't a vacation but I'm trying to seek out some little positives.  Oh, and Chris' friend K. offered to show MIL and me a new mall and grab some sushi.  I really enjoyed meeting her during one of our previous trips.

Speaking of thumbs-up, we got some good news from the Heidi (the transplant coordinator).   She said that once she gets word that Chris' heart surgery was successful, she can present his case to the transplant committee at their meeting the very next day!   Since his heart was the last hurdle, she said he can get approved and start accruing time on the transplant list right away.  Awesomesauce!

Today we heard from Chris' nutritionist from DaVita.  We normally see her during our monthly appointments, but she's going to be out of the office then.   She said that everything looks good from his recent bloodwork, except that his protein is low.  Looks like I have to hide the Chef Boyardee and invest in lots of boneless skinless chicken breast while it's $1.99 a pound!

Next Week:  Chris has his monthly kidney appointment @ DaVita on Thursday and his teeth cleaning Friday.  Keeping his pearly whites very clean and, most importantly, germ-free, is key... especially since he might need to be on immunosuppressive drugs sooner rather than later.

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