Tuesday, June 05, 2012

SLC: In 'n Out

Monday, Chris' blood pressure was once again too low for an attempt at Cardiac Rehab.  We had plenty to work on -- packing up and planning our long drive.  While draining his dialysis fluid (the stuff after it's been in his body), Chris noticed a 5" long material called fibrin that looked like skin.  We took pictures of it for the nurse and also put it in a container in case she needed to test it.

Tuesday, we left the house before 5am and headed for Salt Lake City.   Chris had his chest X-Ray and we headed to Cardiology to wait for the doctors to see him.  We got a special treat in the waiting room as the ever-helpful Michele came out to meet us.   We brought her a little goody and were glad to get a chance to say, "Thank You!" in person.  She has been so great with the insurance companies and appointment scheduling and stuff.  I had planned to meet her while we were in Salt Lake last visit, but with Chris' surgery and everything it got postponed.

Four weeks post-op.
Dr. Gomez-Abraham told us that Chris was a champ during surgery and he knew Chris was doing great when he was complaining only a day afterwards.  Yes, the litmus test of Chris' health is whether he's complaining.  (He must be doing GREAT!)  hahhaa   He said that the X-Ray showed Chris' sternum (breastbone) is healing very nicely.  The sides are even.  He explained why some pain there is good, and how it feels as the newly reconnected nerves & muscles are waking up.  The doctor emphasized Chris' need to keep treating the sternum very gingerly while it continues to heal.  He was adamant about taking care not to carry to much or reaching above his head for heavy things.

We discussed Chris' blood pressure, and the doctor had Chris start cutting his Lopressor pills in half.  He recommended that Chris taper off his use of the Klonopin (for purposes of the kidney transplant) and that he try Benadryl for help sleeping.

We had another wait and then met with a Cardiologist and his assistant.  They had differing opinions on the timing of Chris getting an echocardiogram to get a baseline on the function of Chris' new valve.  The Cardiologist wanted us to stay so Chris could have it right then, but we were exhausted and had to get back on the road.  By then, we were at least 2 hours later than we expected.  They said we could follow up with Dr. Undesser back in Boise.

The drive home was nasty.  Wind like crazy, coming from the opposite direction than usual.  Not a ton of rain, but enough to be a pain.

We got Chris ready for bed and to be connected to his machine.  Chris noticed some blood or discharge on his exit site for the dialysis catheter.  We meet with Jen tomorrow and we'll show her.  We'll also see what she has to say about the fiber thing.

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