Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Application On Its Way

It's been over 20 years (did I just say that?!) since I sent out my college applications, but I remember that feeling.  The application has been sent, but the transcripts and letters of recommendation are pending.   Just like now!

The big form was completed over the weekend and mailed on Monday.   Tuesday we faxed a request to the cardiologist to send over the most recent echocardiogram report.   Chris has an appointment to do the dental exam on Friday morning here in Eagle.

We've done quite a bit of research/phone calls for the immunizations and we think we have that nailed down, too.  The nephrologist's office said that doing multiple immunizations at one time will not be problematic because of Chris' condition.  Walgreen's Website has a great function where you can see what immunizations are in stock at which store and then actually make an appointment to receive them.  Here's a link.  So handy!   And the Walgreen's with the shots IS in Humana's network.  (It's not our absolute closest Walgreen's, but it's within 5 miles.)

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