Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Packet

The big packet from University of Utah came yesterday, and we filled out all the paperwork this afternoon.  It will go out via post-paid envelope tomorrow morning.

We have some phone calls to make tomorrow:
- Dentist:  Chris needs to have an exam and the dentist needs to fax back a form stating that he has no oral infections.  His last cleaning/exam was in January 2011, not within the 6th month period required by this checklist.
- Pharmacies:  Chris needs a battery of vaccinations.  (Some others we may not need to have, but they'll tell us if he's immune after he has a blood test in Utah.)  Also we'll need to look up which provider(s) are in Humana's network.  Then, we'll need to select a pharmacy that has the one-dose Tetanus in stock.
- Nephrologist's Office:  We need to find out if he can have vaccinations several at a time, given his condition.  How long in between shots or groups of shots?

Luckily, a few things on the checklist are either done or not applicable.   For example, he had an echocardiogram with Dr. Undesser within the last few months.  And, since he's male, he gets to skip the PAP smear and the HPV vaccination.

For now, we'll work on getting the tasks on the checklist completed.  The packet states that once the dental paperwork is in, we'll get scheduled for the pre-transplant clinic class.  These take place on Wednesdays in SLC.

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