Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Looks Like Utah!

Today we had our appointment with Dr. Mallea.   Chris had a bad day Monday and was feeling a lot better today.

Chris' weight is down EIGHT POUNDS since the appointment with Dr. Davidson just one week ago.  Amazing how much fluid/water goes away when you're watching sodium intake!

I was really frustrated because today our insurance provider said that neither Denver transplant center was on our insurance network.  UGH!  I had already made appointments with both of them, and cancelled one, and now I have to cancel the other.

Dr. Mallea suggested Utah, and said he has had good outcomes with them and they're easy to work with.  Easy?  Sounds nice!  :)   They're also closest to us (only 5.5 hour drive).   His office contacted them quickly, and now we're awaiting paperwork from University of Utah Transplant Center.  Guess what?   Our insurance says they're a YES.   Whew.

After we go to Utah for the initial meetings, which we think will be mid-November, then we'll get a list of tests for Chris to complete.  After Chris completes his tests AND after the tests have been evaluated and approved by the folks in Utah, then we'll get a list of necessary tests off to his mom (and hopefully, donor) -- which she can work on in Florida.

We did go to Chris' kidney doctor today and went over his meds.   Chris will do blood lab tests in about 2 weeks and go back to the kidney doctor in 2 weeks after that.   (11/16)

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peggy said...

Kim, Im sorry to hear this news! I will be prayimg for Chris to get the procedure he needs! I hope you get nothing but good news from hear out!