Friday, October 21, 2011

Nothing's Easy!

Today we thought we had a quick & easy dental exam.   Not so!

Well, in truth, the exam itself was quick & easy.  However, the dentist is being thorough and not just signing off on Chris' transplant paperwork.   He gave Chris a special bacteria test.  This consisted of a mouthful of salty fluid which he swished in his mouth for a set period of time and then spit into a cup.  The cup will be sent to a lab for bacterial analysis.

We'll go back to the dentist next Friday and see how the test went.  Chris will also do a full cleaning at that time.  With luck, his bacteria levels will be normal and Dr. McRae can sign the form.

Coming Up:  The kidney doctor's office called this morning and said they're OK with the nuclear stress test, so Chris will go ahead and have that on Tuesday the 25th.

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