Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blood Test Results

Ashley from Dr. Mallea's office just called with some results of the bloodwork Chris did late last week.

Two issues:

(1)  His iron was very low.   She said he is going to need a series of infusion treatments that will last over a few weeks.   She will be checking with Humana first to see if they're covered and then having St. Luke's call us to schedule.

(2)  He had a spike in his creatinine levels, meaning that his kidney function is way down.  Of course, this is of great concern to Dr. Mallea.   The doctor is pushing once again for Chris to have the surgery to install the catheter to allow for the peritoneal dialysis.

Regarding issue 2: Chris told Ashley that he wasn't feeling any worse, and feeling worse is the main symptom that Dr. Mallea was having us watch for in regard to kidney deterioration.   She said that the creatinine level spike might have been due to dehydration.   Chris asked to be retested and Ashley said she'd send us over a new bloodwork order.   When we get that, we'll make sure Chris has plenty of fluids and he'll take another test.

Up next:  Dentist tomorrow.

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