Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ross = Rock Star

Okay, so I doubt a trip to the cardiologist's office counts as "fun", but today's visit was pretty close.   We saw the nurse first and she did an EKG after taking a quick history.  The EKG was quick, but we both hate when they shave off little sections of Chris' chest hair.

Then Dana, the nurse practitioner, came in with an observer.  Dana didn't seem to think Chris necessarily needs the full-on stress test.  She listened to his heart and really seemed to enjoy herself.   She said his heart murmur is 'really cool', and she asked if the student NP next door could come listen.   Then the observer said, "I'll come back with my stethoscope.  I want to hear it, too!"

My boring organs are jealous.  This even happens at the eye doctor!  They always want to show their student/associate/nurse/etc.  Chris is one cool dude.  (At least at the cardiologist's office, they're not shining a really bright-ass light into his eyeball to get a better look.)

Everyone got their own personal dose of Chris' heart noises and Dana said she'd put together a letter for the U of Utah folks today to OK the transplant.   YEAY!  :)

I got to feeling a little better on the way out when one of my Copic marker students came up to me and said how much he loved my class.  This was like 20+ months ago, so that was cool.

Next stop on the Transplant Train is Friday's dental appointment.   He'll get a cleaning plus the results of the bacteria DNA rinse thingy that he did last Friday.   At that exam, they said he had no cavities or tooth decay -- so we might just get a clean bill of health.   If not, it'll be a 3-month series of aggressive cleanings and a re-test.

Chris is having some back pain.   He has degenerative discs, arthritis and some mild scoliosis, so we made good use of Groupon and purchased some certificates for massages.   He has one scheduled for tomorrow noonish.   We hope this will give him some relief.   BenGay hasn't been working.

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