Sunday, December 11, 2011

And Out It Goes

Chris decided he'd had enough of the catheter, so I called Urgent Care in Eagle to make sure they had the order for tomorrow morning. Neither of the gals there had seen the order but the receptionist said that they could go ahead and do it whenever, it's a fairly easy procedure. And she added, "We're open 'till 10."

I mentioned to Chris that they could do it right then, and he stood up and was ready to roll. I went upstairs, got dressed, and drove him down there.

The nurse recognized me and said, "Kim, right?" Guess that makes us regulars.

Anyway, cath came out. They tested some urine to make sure he didn't have the beginnings of a urinary tract infection (which is the biggest complication of cath removal). Test was good. Ross happier. We were in & out in under 25 minutes.

Tonight, Chris noticed more blood on his bandage that covers the surgical incision. We'll keep an eye on it and call the surgeon if it gets any worse.

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