Friday, December 30, 2011

Mom's Not a Match

Chris told me this evening that his Mom called.  She got some testing done, but she's not a match.  Her blood type isn't compatible. 

I know she had been wanting very much to help Chris in this way, so I'm sure she's disappointed.  I thought it was so wonderful for her to offer him her kidney.

Chris said that his mom is still going to try to help him get a kidney, but instead of donating to him directly, she's going to see if she can become part of a Living Donor Chain (they did a story on this recently in Parade Magazine).  It was described at a party this evening as "musical kidneys", which sort of fits.   It's where Chris' mom's kidney would be used by another recipient, whose designated donor would give their kidney to Chris (or someone else that matches) and so on.

We're still working for Chris to be successful with the dialysis and keeping our fingers crossed that it will help his heart function well enough that the folks at the U of Utah Transplant Center will agree to do the kidney transplant without requiring heart surgery beforehand.

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