Saturday, December 10, 2011

Not in the mood

So they Cath'd me. I have to have it in until Monday. It hurts to stand and it hurts to move around (and part of the tube has been inadvertently pulled by me, one of my cats, or Kim at one point or another). When they take the catheter out if everything works like it is supposed to it's going to be a very happy day.

Another fun fact about surgery, when they put you under general anesthesia your bowels tend to shut down for a few days. They are pretty slow to wake up but I have started passing a little gas which is a good sign, hopefully by Monday everything will be back to normal (as can be) or I am gonna start freaking out.

The transplant team called and temporarily turned me down for a transplant. They are concerned my heart will not support a new kidney. At first they told me I was going to have to have my valve replaced and once I recovered from that I could go on the transplant list, but they called back later (I think she heard the frustration in my voice) and said that after 2 months of dialysis if my heart looked better they would do the transplant without the valve surgery, so given the healing time required for the home PD catheter. It will be about 10 weeks before I find out if I am eligible for a transplant or not.

It's frustrating because not 1 but 2 cardiologists both signed off on me getting a transplant (theirs and mine) and now they change their mind on me. I'm pretty grumpy today, so I'm just not in the mood.

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