Friday, December 09, 2011

Early Morning Trip to St. Luke's

Chris didn't have any luck trying to urinate since being catheterized yesterday. He was in a lot of pain and experiencing a significant amount of bladder pressure this morning.   He woke me up shortly after 7 and we went back to St. Luke's Eagle for another catheter. His dry mouth is so bad that chewing food is a problem, so we're hoping they can change his pain meds, too.

This time, he had 880ml of fluid drained. They did not change his pain meds, though. An early call to Dr. Giles' office didn't bear any fruit because we didn't recall the name of the medication that Chris had received from Dr. Mallea during this last bout with gout. Hopefully Dr. Mallea's office will call us soon with that info. (They opened 20+ minutes ago, so it shouldn't be long now.

Also, hoping today for a call from U of U with good news. Fingers are crossed.

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