Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Back to the Kidney Doc

We had our follow-up appointment with Dr. Mallea today. Things went well during the appointment. He wasn't happy that we had changed Chris' bandage on the surgical site -- the surgeon's on-call guy shouldn't have recommended that we try to do it ourselves. He had a nurse from next door (DaVita dialysis) come over and had us all put on masks. They said I did a really nice job with it, so hopefully there won't be any infection. Chris indicated he was still in significant pain from the surgery, so Dr. Mallea wrote a prescription. The doctor also ordered some labs because Chris hasn't had that for a few months. He also said we'd get a call from DaVita to get training started for the in-home dialysis.

Off we went to the pharmacy, but it turns out they don't even make the strength of medicine Chris was prescribed. (And a sincere thank-you to the gentleman at Walgreen's that told us. He could have just said "We don't have any" and I would have been on a wild goose chase all around the Treasure Valley.) We left a message for Ashley about this issue and went over to do blood work.

Ashley called around 4:20, and Dr. Mallea had just left. She found someone else to write the script and we raced up to their office to pick it up.

We also got a call from DaVita, so we'll go over there on Friday at 1:30.

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