Thursday, December 29, 2011

Delivery #1 & Follow-Up

We got our first delivery from Baxter on Tuesday morning.   The man was very nice and said he would be our regular delivery person.   He was able to fit all the supplies in Chris' new dialysis room.

Wednesday, we spoke to the folks from DaVita pharmacy.  At length.  All the meds, all the doses, how many of each pill he has left, etc.   Chris and I handed the phone back and forth as we answered all the questions.  Looks like they'll be a very convenient option for getting all the medications delivered to us on time, without having to drive out to Costco, etc.  Hopefully this will work out and be nice & convenient.

Thursday, we went to see Jennifer again.  We had a whole list of questions and things to bring her.  She gave Chris EPO and iron shots again.  We switched out the spring scale (that weighs the bags of fluid that drains out of Chris' abdomen) because it wasn't working well.  We also got a few drain bags so Chris can drain before bed.  All in all, she said he's doing great and we made an appointment to see her again next Thursday.

Chris had an episode one night this week, although I don't remember which one just now.  He had terrible abdominal cramping while he was in the process of draining out his fluid.  He ended up stopping with about 800ml of fluid still in.  We mentioned this to Jennifer but, since it was an isolated incident and since the remaining fluid came out in the morning, she wasn't concerned.

Chris wants to be able to do his dialysis at night on an automated machine so he doesn't have to deal with these fluid exchanges all day long.   (Here's a link to some information on how that works.)  Jennifer said they can test Chris in the middle of January to see if he's a candidate for that.

Right after our appointment with Jennifer, we stopped at Wal-Mart.  Chris picked out a giant bean bag chair (seriously, chair doesn't really do this thing justice) and had it delivered to the store.  Holy Cow!  This thing is a beast!   It's huge, and hopefully he'll be comfortable in it while he's using the APD machine.   I've caught both Digit and Dusty in it, so it's apparently comfortable enough for them too.

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