Sunday, May 13, 2012

Annoyed Today

Chris posts:
Well it's been a banner day at the hospital. They still can't seem to understand the no milk/wheat core concept but some people in charge of shit are going to have some interesting emails to read when they come in to work Monday morning.

My pain management could be better because one pill every 6 hours less than a week after open heart surgery just really isn't enough to keep me completely comfortable.

Also after 6 months of being on dialysis I kinda know what I need and how long I need it for but hearing the statement "I have used this machine 3 times" is not exactly filling me with confidence plus all the dialysis people go home after 8 so if you have any trouble they just give half asses explanations over the phone so I had to turn the machine off last night and its been running all day. I'll get maybe a half hour of freedom before they start it up again.

I've also still got one chest tube in so 2 more days minimum before I get to go home.

I'm at the hospital with him.  It's 7:40, and the dialysis machine has been finished for a while.   It should not have even been happening during the day, but they couldn't ever get the machine working last night.   So poor Chris has been hooked up all day and he'll be hooked up all night too.   I came back tonight to go for a walk around the ward with him and to help him back into bed.   But we've been waiting over an hour for someone from dialysis to unhook him from the machine.   He REALLY appreciates his home machine and nurse Jennifer @ DaVita now!

Dr. Gomez-Abraham opted not to order the removal of Chris' chest tube today.   There was still too much fluid draining from his chest.   Tomorrow, he'll look at it again.   It looks like Tuesday for discharge at this point.

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