Monday, May 14, 2012


By 3:00 this afternoon, Chris' chest tube was removed.  He's not free from the hospital, but he's not connected to any machines right now.  Hopefully this will change in a few hours when they reconnect him to the dialysis machine.  (We just asked Nich to page them and make sure they get Chris connected before they leave to go home like last night.)

Chris took 3 laps around the ward after the dialysis machine was disconnected for the day.

We talked to a preventative cardiology specialist (Galina).  She gave us a cool book (which would have been helpful before the surgery).  She will help us get a prescription for cardiac rehab services when we return to the Boise area.

Meals today were much better.  He even got a visit from the director of nutrition services.  She apologized for the problems and thanked him for the photos & descriptions.  She said she has printed out the pictures of the lasagne to show the staff.

I called to order the free meal delivery from Humana this afternoon.  They need me to call back after he's discharged.  We're hoping that will be tomorrow around noonish, after the X-Ray shows that there's no more fluid building up in his chest.

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MOM said...

Chris I'm so glad everything(except for food & Nurse Heather) went so well for you. And I was very happy to be there. Now on to the next leg of your journey! Love to both you and Kim. Of course I will still call you, but can hardly wait for you to heal and get that kidney! Love Mom