Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Pre-Op Tests

We were at the hospital at 8:30 for tests at 9am.  I thought the nice medications spreadsheet I made was in the box in the car, but a quick search didn't yield any results.  So in we went without the meds list.  *ACK*  It was a giant pain not to have it, but then we remembered that I had e-mailed it to Chris last week for him to print out.  Whew!  I was able to pull it up on the phone.  {Later, I found the pile of pill spreadsheets in the box where I looked!  ARGH!!}

We met with a nurse, the Anesthetist (Dr. Morgan), and the PA (Dr. Allen).  Each of the three went over his medical history and medications {Grr!}  We learned that the bio-identical valve replacement part (if necessary) will not require him to be on any anti-rejection meds.  They gave us a phone number to call to find out the surgery schedule, but they said that the surgery will most likely be very early in the morning.

The nurse took several vials of blood for testing and Chris gave a urine sample.  They were concerned about infection because Chris has a bit of a sore throat and thought there might have been some discharge from his cath site this morning.   If there is any infection, the surgery will be on hold.

Chris got a quick chest X-Ray downstairs in Radiology and then we had lunch at the cafeteria.  We made it back to the hotel by 12:30, in time for a nap before picking up Chris' mom at the airport.   We called for the schedule tomorrow, and it turns out that the surgery won't start until 12:45, so we have to be at the hospital to check in at 11:45.

Chris had a very nice steak for dinner (thanks, Bill!) and is hooked up to the dialysis machine for the night.  He's resting comfortably now.   Tomorrow morning, he has a special soap for his shower that the nurse gave us.

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All good wishes for tomorrow from everyone at CrassTalk. Sending good thoughts.