Thursday, May 03, 2012

Getting Ready

Poor Chris is still hobbling around on his gouty foot, despite the course of steroids and the medication change. It's making getting ready for the upcoming trip more difficult and arduous, but preparations must continue.

I put together all of Chris' medicines for this week. I made a big spreadsheet of them and made several copies to hand out to everyone that asks next week. I did this for past trips and it has turned out to be a giant time saver. All of the medication bottles are in a Ziplock bag, in case he needs any of them while we're there. (This reminds me, I'll need to add his dialysis/cath site cream... and make sure that the surgeon ads it to his post-op care orders for the nurses!)

We're still going through the list of items that need to be done, scheduled, and packed. Some of the things to 'do' were really things to 'eat'. Chris wanted to have venison (a rare treat for him), so we went to our local Co-op and bought some. He cooked it tonight and it turned out perfectly! Dad loved it, too.

Chris has requested a blueberry coffee cake, but my feet and ankles have been too tired to stand up in the kitchen for that long.  I'm running out of time, so it looks like tomorrow afternoon may be the time it finally gets done.  The blueberries did get washed and dried today.  (Photo is the last one made, in January.)

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