Friday, May 11, 2012

Good Day Goes Bad

Friday morning, Chris was expecting to be moved from SICU to the Cardiovascular unit (CVMU).   We waited for an available room there until 5pm.

His meals were disasters!   He's got quite a few restrictions due to the gastric bypass (no dry foods, no milk) and kidney failure (low-phosphorus, etc.), so nothing they sent up was edible.  The last meal of the day was the absolute worst.  I had to take pictures.   Seriously, somebody needs to lose their job over this one.    Guess what food it is.

Okay, what did you think it was?   Would you have guessed LASAGNA?!   It was solid enough to be picked up and hard enough to *clank* when it hit the plate.   What an embarrassment!

I made a spreadsheet of Chris' medications for this trip, and I went ahead and made a nutrition spreadsheet for him today, too... so everyone down in the kitchen knows what he can & can't tolerate and some additional items that he doesn't like.   Definitely no onions!

Even before he arrived at the CVMU, there was a very nice dialysis tech waiting for him.  She got him all hooked up to his machine.  The connections & machine are quite a bit different than what he's used to.  I stayed in the room with him until midnight, and that machine beeped a lot!  He also drained off lots of fluid.   His feet are still a bit swollen, so they're planning to do some extra draining tomorrow.

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