Thursday, May 10, 2012

Recovering in SICU

Chris spent the day today in the Surgical ICU (or SICU).  Look at all these machines!   And these are only on one side.  There are more on the floor and on the other side.

He spent most of his time on hemodialysis.  At first, he had a very large access site in the right side of his neck.   The doctors decided it was too large, so one of them removed it and placed a smaller one.  The smaller one was held in place with three stitches.  A chest X-Ray revealed that the access tube was too deep in the vein.   A different doctor came in, removed the access and placed a new one.   Luckily, this second doctor was much more concerned with managing Chris' pain.   He numbed the site and gave him an extra pop of meds.   Late in the afternoon, there was a blood clot in the tubing.   The hemo team had gone for the night, so they decided to take him off dialysis for tonight.   His access site has been removed and stitched up again.

He was well enough in the afternoon to have some lunch.   It was a rather dry chicken breast and, due to his gastric bypass, it didn't go down well.   He ate some dinner and also received a bit of a menu for tomorrow to choose meals.  The SICU wasn't very well prepared for the meals, but this is because they almost never have patients well enough to eat meals there.

His mom & I went back to the hotel in the afternoon.   I took a nap and she got some hot tub time.  Chris evidently had a good time while we were gone... complete with a sponge bath.  The only difficulty there was that they rolled him almost all the way over to his front in order to wash his back.

Tomorrow after rounds, they plan to take Chris to the cardiac ward.  Hopefully they'll have his blood pressure and fluids managed by then. 

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